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Fun and Games

Life can’t be all work and no play, nor can it be all focused on one or two things.  Presented here are recommendations, political points of view, humor, plus  information on various habits and activities.

Art On Stamps Priya Temple of Heaven

Priya – There is a growing set of, I guess you could call them comic books, although they aren’t funny. They are beautiful, Asian, and gender-equality oriented. I include these mainly because (1) the artwork is fantastic, and (2) the messages are contemporary. Priya’s Shakti is about a young woman who was belittled and abused and her salvation. There are 5 stories so far. Click below to read the 1st 2 pages and for more info on how to obtain copies of these.

Original Artwork

“The Missus”


Art on Stamps - you can create your own miniature art museum by collecting worldwide postage stamps!  Click to see some examples.

The Temple of Heaven. I like it already!