Roughly 15 years ago, I quit my job as a computer programmer. In the course of finding another job, I took on various one-time and contract  projects. I never found another job, but I struck up a friendship with people at the local United Way. The FGP and SCP programs there contracted with me to make them a software program to help them track various things, such as a database of volunteers, the places they volunteered at, the hours they put in and other relevant items. They liked it, and told me “you ought to market this!”

I’ve never looked back. The LeapingWare software has grown to be a full-time project, although I still work with and maintain software created for various individuals. One of my specialties is “legacy software”, written in Microsoft Visual Basic.

Originally called VolTrax, the name of the software for Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs has been changed to LeapingWare. This is due to a possible trademark infringement with a software package called Voltrack, even though VolTrax had been around for more than a decade. The FGP and SCP software programs are now LeapingWare FGP Ultra and LeapingWare SCP Ultra. Although the name of the software has changed, what the software is and does remains the same.

About LeapingWare Why “LeapingWare”?

In the early to mid 1980’s, I joined the local Mensa group on their Friday evening get-togethers. At all of the first gatherings, I found a variety of ideals, attitudes and whatnot. There was one particular person who had some bad things to say concerning the promiscuity of a couple of the women, along with other things. Being new and liking the group a lot, I took great offense and decided to write my take on the whole thing. It wound up being a cross between a put-down and a comedy article, and so we thought it needed a name. Since one of the things that was supposedly happening was that there was a lothario among us, the article wound up being “Leaping Lotharious”. Referring to the promiscuity issue, I signed the article “Which two are they?, By Leaping Lotharious”. I continued to write short humor articles for the local newsletter for a period of several years. When I decided to start my business, I needed to come up with a name. Since it was a soft  -  Ware product and my nickname had become Leaping (still is in some circles), I put the two together and came up with – LeapingWare! What fun!!

Database Software For Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs